Fossil and Nuclear Fuels, Clean Energy Transition Investments


Nuclear risk, supply, energy… The strong earthquake in Fukushima, on Japan’s northeast coast, has forced factories to suspend operations, adding to supply chain woes for smartphone, electronics and auto manufacturers around the world. After the nuclear power plant accident caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake in 2011, this time no anomalies were detected, but the earthquake still caused damage to the industry.

Will a new one be added to the disruptions in the supply chain? Electronic parts and automobile manufacturers seem to be adversely affected by this situation. Chip shortages caused by COVID-19 related disruptions had forced many auto companies to cut production. A few parts and chip suppliers appear to have suspended production, with some resuming production at reduced capacity as of this week.

The transition to clean energy… The global fossil fuel industry is under pressure to decarbonize. Regulations and reputational risks have forced most oil companies to take action to reduce their own emissions, curb methane explosions, sequester carbon dioxide, and provide renewable energy for oil and gas facilities.

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