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Syria ethnic and religious map

Güncel Haberler - 11/12/2019 11:53 A A

(Click on the map for high resolution)Notes- Kurdish and Turkoman population in the Syria mainly consist of the Sunnis. Because of there is Alawite and Shia Turkomans and Shia Kurds are existing in Syria, both of the ethnic groups are indicated with one colour.- After the civil war which started in 2011, there been major ethnic shifts in Syria. Some of Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, Nusayris and Christian people, which are minorities in their areas, are forced to leave their homes. So the ethnic composition of the country is changed.Also, Iran adopted the Shia projects in the places like Al Bukamal, Deir al Zor and southern countryside of Damscus. Because of that, the Jaafari (Twelver Shia) population is increased.Similarly, the Jaafari Arab population in the Fua and Kafarya in the Idlib countryside are evacuated after the agreement between the Syrian opposition and Iran.In this regard, this map is more of an ethno-religious infrastructure map. Ethno-religious groups’ areas which stated in the map can be changed during the war.Source: Mepa News

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Güncel Haberler - 11:53 A A




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